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Natural Remedies For Summer I Always Have On Hand

Summer is almost upon us!

And I for one could NOT be happier!  Finally - green grass, trees, birds and bees and flowers - the whole 9 yards.  Living in the North East US certainly makes me appreciate Spring and Summer and I never take it for granted.

As an Herbalist I always have access to some excellent products & remedies, either in my purse, car or at home.  I'd rather have them and never use them - but if I have to use them I'm confident in how well they work so it's a no brainer.

I wanted to share these simple yet effective natural remedies you can also use for yourself and family - you'll become the go-to person at family gatherings and outings and with good reason.  These things work! 

Aloe - Plant or quality product

Ok you might not be walking around with an aloe plant in your car, but if at home or vacationing you can find them!  There are quality aloe gel products out there so you can always keep something handy. The least amount of ingredients the better.  Aloe is known for it's soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, so extremely helpful for sunburn, burns, blisters and wound healing.  I apply liberally as needed

Apple Cider Vinegar  

EVERY house should have this on hand, I take this orally as well as have used on my skin.  Also helpful for sunburn, can help with rashes, repels bugs, helps with poison ivy and allergies.  I always use the Braggs brand, but use what you have.

Essential Oils

I ALWAYS have a few in my purse - Lavender is excellent for burns and bites, (and cold sores)  I also have little bottles made up as insect repellents - water and adding drops of eucalyptus, peppermint and cedarwood are excellent. (though if you only have one, use what you have) Peppermint is also excellent for stomach aches and bloating, I rub directly over my abdomen.  

Cayenne Pepper

Yes the red pepper in your spice rack - though a very mild form considering some HOT varieties out there...anything will do if emergency.  I keep some capsules and often a small 1oz liquid in my purse.  EXCELLENT for cuts and excessive bleeding - I have applied directly on the wound and watched the bleeding stop.  Also helpful for someone feeling faint taken internally (small pinch or 10 drops in juice or water) will revive most.

Of course I always keep band-aids on hand, most mom's do :)  but other than that it really doesn't take much to be prepared for those everyday events that can happen when we are out enjoying ourselves.

If you're like me,  I like to make quick work of anything uncomfortable and get back to enjoying myself.  Now you can too!


*Please note you should always contact your Doctor for any medical emergency or questions regarding your health.