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Wanting Wellness Isn't Enough

It seems obvious - when you don't feel well, there's a part of you that naturally wants to be better!  You want to feel good.

Yet how many never get past that 'wanting' stage...feeling like they are in their own Groundhog Day movie?

Because it isn't enough.

In this world of Attraction and energy your simply 'wanting' to be well is usually more focused on the current situation - that's what you keep noticing, hence the ongoing 'wanting'.  So if that's where your attention is, that's where it stays.

Like a boomerang, the same outcome keeps coming to you.

Following up your intention is necessary for the next step - to milk the momentum of your desire, to give that 'want' real movement.  If you don't you'll start feeling discouraged, never seem to make progress not realizing your are keeping yourself stuck. 

Then what can happen?  Many just give up right there...'what's the point?' and your beliefs of 'not getting better' just seem to become reinforced-   'See?  I told you nothing will help me!'

Your expectations take a back seat until you decide to STOP focusing on where you are, (even if it's been a very long time) and start focusing on where you prefer to be. 

This gives your desire some juice - and you may even start seeing or feeling some evidence of feeling better, or reading about someone who found something to help them, that may help you.

Suddenly you don't feel quite so stuck and if you stay on that path, more positive answers come your way.

If you can't get past simply 'wanting' to feel better, your ongoing health issues are kind of like standing at the start of a race, waiting for the gun to go off.  Your 'wanting' to race got you to the starting line, but deciding to create a different picture of your health, is what starts the race and gets you out of the gate. 

The Universe needs more from you - more conviction, more confidence, more expectation.  

here's a great way you can start this process:

  • Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself:    WHY do I want to be well.  

Write down all the reasons you want to be well, how your life would be different, things you would do differently, things you would plan, try, eat etc.  Then go back and re-read it letting yourself FEEL how awesome it would be in these situations.  

This simple process helps your vibe start forming a different reality - actually pulling things towards you that support THIS feeling and thought process, instead of your tired, old stuck reality.

I'm going to suggest you do this every day...twice per day (re-reading your Why's) and really letting yourself conjure up the feelings that go with it. 

If you want to move past the 'wanting' and into the actual healing potential - you have to 'fan' the flames of this desire by milking it to get the momentum to build. 

I hope you found this helpful and by all means am always happy to hear your thoughts below, or feel free to stop by my Facebook page and say hi!