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I don't mean this to sound cold or uncaring - far from it.

Yet I hear this often.  You've either said it yourself or heard others make this exact statement.  I'm sure I said it many years ago too.

If you are still dealing with a health issue right now,  as you are reading this - you have NOT tried everything.

There is still something 'out there' or should I say, 'in there' to help,  and a big part of it has to do with your mindset and beliefs regarding healing.

I don't have all the answers - but what I have come to know after many years of research and educating myself is that the body and it's seeming 'problems' are indicators of something that is OFF with our emotional/spiritual selves.  When you are open to that concept - and address it, suddenly answers start showing up as well as your confidence in getting better.  And improvements start.

Maybe you don't agree - that's fine.  But I've seen it time and time again. 

Folks that improve their mindset, their look on life in general AND their beliefs in how our body WANTS wellness - get results.

This may be some food for thought for some of you - but for those who agree with me, maybe it's time you really took a look at your outlook of life in general that has nothing 'obvious' to do with your health. 

  • Maybe a relationship brings you down
  • Or money problems weigh on you
  • Or you despise your annoying co-worker
  • Or your kids are moving out, now what?
  • Or getting older scares you

They may seem to have NOTHING to do with your IBS or Blood Pressure.  But they do.

If you have come to realize that there is more to improved health than popping a medication or an herb or yet another new diet program - then you are right.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below OR by all means stop by my Facebook page and start a conversation - that's what I'm here for!