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Is It Time To Change Your Mind?

You tell me!

I am a big believer of what is possible.

Having been in Natural Health for over 20 years, part of my on-going education is to see what is working for others. 

And I've done A LOT of research - and one thing I do know...

Most of you have no idea of your power.

You may have a glimpse of it, but it's so fleeting that you write it off as lucky, or a coincidence.  I'm here to tell you, you're wrong.  Like that saying from The Wizard Of Oz, wearing her red shoes - 'Dorothy, you've had the power all along.'

But you don't need magic, red shoes.  You just need belief in yourself and a willingness to test out what lies in all of us. 

You've no doubt heard of 'others' who have overcome the same health condition you have.  You've even heard of others with worse issues than yours, ALSO overcome them.

So why are you still sitting in the same place you were 6 months or a year ago...or even longer??  WTH are you doing or not doing, that those people managed to pull off?

Some of them are very much aware of HOW they made the shift and how their health improved. And others might not quite grasp it, however they were so determined and hopeful, that it was all they needed to fuel the changes that needed changing.

Many may argue that telling someone they can be well, is offering false hope - but what is healing anyway?  I mean when we have a cold and sore throat we don't doubt our ability to heal...we hope it gets better soon and we pretty much expect I right?  So why would we not hope the same for what issue we are working on now?

Because it's not the norm?  Because you were told you'd have to 'live with it?' Because you've tried so many things and nothing is working? Because no one is giving you hope that it can be done?

It can be done - you CAN change your mind, anytime.

And I'm happy to be that person to tell you, in case no one has before today. 

It's a matter of stopping the crap you've been thinking and expecting for yourself and instead replacing it with NEW and improved thinking and your possible outcomes. 

Some of you may need a real overhaul, while some may just need reminders on a regular basis.  Regardless, it's time to get off the train of pain.  It's time to accept where you are as 'okay' instead of bitching and complaining to anyone and everyone!  it's also time to stop worrying and replaying thoughts and scenarios that do NOT FEEL GOOD.

YOU are the only one doing that to YOU.  No one else. 

Let It Go

Start releasing the old so you can welcome new ways of thinking!

Need to cry or yell or hole up in your room watching Netflix for a day?  Go for it...feeling powerless does not serve you, so do what you have to do to move up to at least feeling 'discouraged'  - Hey it's better than that hopeless, 'poor me and my life' drum you've been beating for ages I right?  


When you move forward your circumstances will start to match the improvements. You'll have a 'better' day, or you'll read something that sounds like a possible opportunity, or you'll talk to someone who has some answers or connections for you.

You can stop the train of pain         

Decide today that you will stop the 'insanity' of that worn out thinking that is keeping progress and possibilities from you - others did it and are doing it.  You can too!