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Pain & Inflammation - Natural, Soothing Options That Help!

Having torn my Meniscus not too long ago I know too well how uncomfortable and inconvenient a painful, swollen extremity can be!

I've also seen quite a bit of it with clients and family/friends over the years and many have no real 'go-to' to handle it other than ice or OTC pain relievers. (of course always check with your doctor!)

However I have found a few natural ways to handle pain and swelling and thought I'd pass some of it along.  Please realize not every suggestion works for EVERY person, which applies to any treatment.  I have found, however that having options at hand can be a lifesaver when you need some safe options, quick!

Natural Options:

Turmeric -  Turmeric is known for it's ability to lessen inflammation by optimizing the production of cytokines which basically means it helps encourage cells to gather where the inflammation or infection is and help to normalize it again.   Lots of science on this but my edited take on it.  Bottom line it can be a wonderful help when dealing with inflammation in general and certainly with an injury.

Castor Oil - I've read books about Castor Oil and in the 'real world' it's usually not on anyone's radar!  Such a shame.  I always have a bottle in my house use it topically on a regular basis for many uses.  However for inflammation it's wonderful.  Cold-pressed pure Castor oil (not drugstore variety)  helps to stimulate lymphocytes production over any area it is topically applied. And since lymph congestion is a main cause of swelling/inflammation Castor oil can really make a difference. I've used it many times over the years for various injuries and more recently on my knee,  so I know it works.

Bromelain - The active enzyme found in fresh pineapples, Bromelain is commonly used for digestive complaints.  However Bromelain is also VERY helpful in swelling and inflammatory concerns for injuries or after surgery.   (my MD suggests it regularly for his patients) Bromelain comes in pill form so you don't have to eat a pineapple three times a day ;)


Essential OIls - Oils like Chamomile and Geranium can be applied topically after being diluted in a carrier oil and gently massaged over the area.  Always try on small area of skin first to be sure there is no reaction.

So there you have it! 

Yet more wonderful ways nature has your back.  Or in this case almost any body part that is injured, swollen and uncomfortable.  (common sense would dictate keeping all topical preparations away from eyes and open wounds) 

If you've tried any of the above that worked for you, by all means share!