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Cleansing 101: How Regular Are You...REALLY?

I love how people hedge on this question when I ask.  Well most people. 

There are always those that are happy to share the good, the bad and the ugly - but they are not the norm. I find that women who have 'issues' with their bowels - whether acute concerns or ongoing chronic ones, tend to be rather closed mouthed about it. 

When I was seeing clients locally I also included an Iridology exam if they wanted it.  And I'd ask the 'How regular are you question' before we started, they'd tell me...but then one peek into their Iris and I'd know if they were giving me the entire truth. 

If you just stop for a minute and realize just how much you are consuming on a daily basis you'd start to realize more often than not, lesser amounts are leaving the body. 

Per Dr Mark Hyman MD - "Having healthy digestion and eliminating waste every day (ideally twice – yes, twice – a day) is critical to your overall health.  Remember – your liver flushes out toxins and dumps them into your intestines. If your digestive system isn’t working optimally, then all those toxins and waste gets reabsorbed into your body."  

No wonder we have issues like hormone imbalance, high cholesterol, skin upsets...even depression and mood swings.

Sure we have 'off days'  - or maybe our diet or exercise routine has changed.  Or MAYBE our hormones are changing due to our cycle, perimenopause or menopause.  It happens.  BUT - we should not become complacent with it being 'ok'.  We have 5 elimination organs for a reason! 

Have you ever done any type of bowel cleanse?  I do them a couple times per month as being menopausal has definitely affected my 'regularity.'  NO fun - but neither is being uncomfortable. 

Thankfully, many options to help-and KNOW that most of these suggestions will include a trial and error time period..meaning you may have to 'play' with how much or how little of something to use, to get desired results. 

How to keep things moving:

  • Well - Herbs of course :)  MANY options here...but the bottom line is some of these are harsher than others - and some are more adaptable for long-term use.  Usually in tea or pill form - do some research or ask me!
  • Water intake.  I know..too easy?  But no matter what you choose to help, being hydrated just makes it that much easier for your bowel and body in general
  • Probiotics - yes they do really help by infusing the body with healthy bacteria, especially the digestive and intestinal systems.
  • Foods & Fiber- Fiber does help.  However if you are not going daily, fiber can initially cause gas for many.  So again, some trial and error with certain foods or supplements.  Fresh foods are really an easier way to go - fresh veggies, salads, & fresh fruits DAILY help with fiber and adding hydration  ALSO - foods to cut back on...anything with white flour as they can be like 'glue' in your intestinal tract. 
  • Exercise - the walls of the bowel are muscular - and it can become like a couch potato like any other muscle not 'used' regularly.  So daily exercise of some sort will help things along. Sitting on our butts all day does not encourage regularity.
  • Magnesium - it's said that 80% of adults are deficient.  Adding Magnesium can help with regularity for many!

These are tips for long-term assistance with keeping some regularity in purifiying your body.   I hope you will give one or more options a try.  

For actual cleansing you will need to be more focused and PLAN for it.  That means having those supplements handy, AND setting aside a day or two as needed - meaning BE NEAR A BATHROOM. This is not the time to wing it, trust me. You really do want to be home for this.  Have stuff to do at home, have some reading material handy for some downtime in the bathroom - candles etc...this really is a 'good' thing so why make it feel like a chore?  

Just like a spare bedroom you dread walking into because it's full of junk..once you de-clutter, you feel like weight has been lifted. This is no different. I promise you will feel so much better knowing you are cleansing and 'sprucing' up the place. ;)