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Not Sleeping Can Make You No Fun To Be Around


Did you think your frequent sleep problems were affecting only you? You might want to re-consider that one.

I'm speaking from experience.  Having had 'sleep' issues off and on most of my life I've been through the variety of ups and downs that can show up when drained or tired.  It wasn't till I had dipped into Natural Health and herbs that I realized I could do something about that too! For the longest time I was focused on my main complaint of IBSD & Anxiety, that I never thought I could actually do something about my sleep concerns.

If you don't think lack of sleep or feeling 'tired' much of the time doesn't affect your relationships you may want to first take a look at how YOU feel.  Kind of 'ugh'.....everything is an effort..and I mean everything, even smiling!. And I hate to say..I know for myself, sometimes I'd feel downright mean!!  Imagine what vibe you are sending out to those around you. Cringe!

I mean look at a whiny, crabby child who needs a nap.  No fun to be around, am I right?

Family may 'understand' as they 'know' you and probably know to steer clear.  But what if this is a regular occurrence?  Do you really want your family afraid to talk to you or discuss something with you?  How about co-workers or clients/customers - are they getting the brunt of your less than stellar mood?  

Sometimes we have 'stuff'  in our lives already going on that can affect our mindset, but add tired and cranky to the mix and it's not a great combination.

So what can you do about the no sleep issues?  Here's 3 things that helped me:

  1. SUPPLEMENT TO SOOTHE.  There are plenty of herbs and supplements to help relax and soothe the body. I used herbs like Valerian, Skullcap and Lemon Balm as they let me sleep longer.   Another tact is to supplement with minerals like Calcium and Magnesium- as deficiencies can cause sleep disturbances for almost anyone. I had that issue when I was pregnant and adding a bit more calcium to my diet helped!
  2. SUPPLEMENT TO ENERGIZE Again, I like herbs for this area as they will 'adapt' to your body chemistry.  Soothing and energizing the body, more specifically your nervous system helps you to have a more 'calm' self when it's time to wind down. If not balancing and feeding your nervous system regularly it can also add to your sleep issues.  Plus the energy boost!  Herbs like Ashwagandha, Maca and Ginseng do just that!  You are not 'jittery' just have more energy. B-Vitamins also play a big role with the nervous system as well
  3. RELAX MORE  This should be obvious but for many it's disregarded as not a big factor.  But it is.  If your body is always 'on' or having to feel 'ready' all the will burn out and have sleep issues.  This can often be hormonal related as well. However to keep that from happening RELAXATION needs to be on your calendar - daily! Meditation, reading, yoga, quiet music, nice shower or bath - these all signal the body it's 'ok' to wind down.  

We all need help sleeping on occasion and especially if going through a stressful time. The suggestions above can be used at anytime and know that not any one thing works across the board.  A little experimenting is usually necessary.  

Either way, getting more rest, feeling more like yourself - will make you much nicer to be around.