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Self Healing - Are You Making It Work For You?

Which side of the photo represents a very common reaction to a health concern and how it's dealt with? 

Often times our health issues fall into the left hand side of the photo - unless it's a cold or a cut or headache - we tend to let our seeming lack of health seep into our thoughts as worry and discouragement - in other words minimal faith in how it might turn around!

So how much influence do you really have in the overall health of your body, prevention-wise and initiating healing with a current problem?

Actually, more than you give yourself credit for. 

I'm an Herbalist - I have a 'belief' that herbs and foods and other natural options can help heal the body, or at least make it's job easier.  Does that mean I don't believe in medicine/prescriptions?  Nope - though side effects don't help their track record.  I personally believe medicine can help with many areas, but I don't exactly think they are meant for long term.  MY OPINION. 

I'd rather focus on what we and our bodies can do as a team!  This includes our thinking. I believe our 'reaction' to our health issues will play a large role in the outcome of how we heal or how soon we do.  I posted a photo on Facebook the other day, 'Outlook determines Outcome'.  This isn't rocket science.  It actually applies to EVERYTHING. I believe mindset really does make or break outcomes in general, including health.

So how good are YOU at changing your outlook when dealing with something unwanted? Are you hindering your potential for improved self healing? 

If you know it's leaning more towards the outlook of discouraged, worry or anxiety - then there's LOTS of room for improvement.


Along with your own mindset, this also means making sure you find others to have in your corner who ALSO feel hopeful and positive.  Nothing worse then some doomsday 'well meaning' friend or family member bringing you down.  They may mean well but I'd steer clear for a while - why make your work harder?

Oh, and guess what?

My mindset consultation is for this exact scenario! :)

Seriously it's not easy reprogramming a lifetime of worry and worst case scenarios. PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Kicking that crappy thinking to the curb and replacing it with more hope, relief and confidence is such a wonderful way to stoke the fires of healing in your cells. 

Would love to hear from you and in the meantime you can start your own self healing by 'changing your mind!' ☺