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Do You Play The Blame Game With Your Hormones?

It’s okay...kind of. ;)

I mean it’s real,  am I right??  AND it’s regular - EVERY MONTH kind of regular for oh, 40 yrs or so.  


And yet - should we be blaming a majority of our problems or upsets ALL on our hormones or can we look at it as okay, this is happening but what am I doing or not doing to keep it happening?

When I was younger there really wasn’t anything ‘to do’ other than live with it.   Actually, I take that back.  The doctor  suggested a birth control pill to ‘help regulate’.  But that was VERY short term for me - I felt worse - after a few months I stopped.  But diet, herbs or vitamins or even exercise were NEVER a suggestion.  That’s all they really had to offer.

And that’s a darn shame.

I can compare how each month that ‘feeling’ would start to creep up on me...I compare it to when I’d be watching our cat as she was locked onto some small moving object or toy, her eyes would get all black and she’d be very still ---and I KNEW it was only a matter of ‘when’ she was going to POUNCE!!  

That is kind of how I’d FEEL when it started building inside of me. I could be sitting there at a red light, minding my own business, and I could FEEL this surge of ‘something’ inside, for me it would be a strong sensation of ‘irritation.’  Yes, you can be that in tune with your body to notice this. That’s how it felt to me - for NO REASON. Meaning, I wasn’t doing anything, and no one was doing anything to me.  Yet this wave of emotion would roll over me - and then I’d sit there and count the days of the month and think..’oh yeah, guess I’m ovulating’  lol

My mood would shift from 'ok'  - to don't even look at me funny, or else!

Has this happened to you?  

Where you actually can stand or sit there and FEEL that emotion wave through you like a “vibing’ light was aimed at your body and you FELT it happening.  It is real - our hormonal shifts are real! 

How many of you believe you CAN do something about this?  

AND feel a noticeable difference?

I’m telling you, you can.  You do NOT have too feel such overwhelming and hard to manage  surges of irritation, anxiety or sadness each month. It is possible to find natural hormone balance at any age!

Here's what I did and still do, that has helped me feel more like myself each month:

  • TRACKING.  Yep, you do have to be a be a bit of a tracker of your cycle if you aren’t already. Very easy to do, unless you are really all over the place and not ‘regular’.  (By all means set up a chat with me so we can see how to fix that once and for all!)  So assuming you are pretty regular each month it’s time to do some preventative work.  We don’t want to be ‘random’ with this as then you always feel like it’s never completely working.  

  • START SUPPLEMENTING. Once you have paid attention to tracking, you count the days.  Usually it’s 10-14 days after the start of your period - THIS is when I initiated herbs to do their thing. The herbs I use are NOT ‘natures’ hormones - They are plants with certain properties and phytochemicals,  but NOT herbal hormones. The herbs I use are simply herbs that help your body make the best use of the hormones you are producing at that time, and over time to help the glands work a bit easier to do their job.  Remember it’s a FULL TIME/LIFE TIME job ;)

  • CHOOSE YOUR HERBS. The herbs I use are available to all of us, everywhere...they are not a secret.  Many of the ones I use are considered a type of “adaptogen’ herbs.  They work with your hormones to give you what YOU need to obtain balance. Once my sister started using them after much prompting from me...she jokingly would say…”Can I get these in an IV?”  THEY WORK.  And often amazingly so. Some I use: Dong Quai, Chaste Tree, Black Cohosh, Damiana to name a few.

  • CONSISTENCY. Yes- you have to actually USE them to see a difference! Lol - common sense but many give up too quickly.  It took 3 months for the ‘physical’ improvements to take hold...but the emotional ones were much faster.  It really was the difference between night and day, emotionally.

My goal with this information is to give you hope, and for you to realize that nature has your back- no matter your age!   You have a choice to get off the roller coaster any time, you just have to make the decision and get started.  

If I can help you with any hormone balance questions, I”m only a click away!  :) :)