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Finding Calm Within The Storm

I had a different post ready but as to the nature of what is going on in my world (USA) I wanted to put this out there for the record.

Change can throw many of us off kilter.  Especially when it wasn't exactly expected.

Let's use something most anyone can relate to as I'm not wanting to add any more drama to recent events happening in the world around me!

How about if you are wanting a new house or job?  This means you obviously are consciously putting that 'change' into motion, as you desire this.  We see it as positive and have hopeful expectations.

However when we get fired or laid off or lose out to a higher bidder, then that feeling of CHANGE can take on a totally different response.  And that's ok...FEEL it.  But then you need to starting finding ways to slow down the progress of those thoughts before they gain too much traction!


Because the choice is always there. 

I can either rant and carry on about injustice or why did this happened...or I can sit and take stock about where I want to be with this 'change' and how I can make it easier OR harder.  I choose easier and the sooner I can do this, the better. 

Sure I may 'react' with disbelief or fear or anger, but I do not do well sitting in these types of feelings for very long.  They feel 'off' and since I know better feeling thoughts encourage better feeling outcomes - I really make an effort to start slowing down the momentum of the unwanted or what doesn't feel good.

I hope you are realizing you can ALWAYS stop and step back when certain changes appear in your life that you initially feel fearful or worried about.  Let yourself feel this, of course...but try to start to soften this uncomfortable feeling as soon as you can.  Start asking questions that allow other scenarios to start to materialize in your thinking, thus slowing down that whirlwind of emotion that did not feel good.

  • Could this lay off help me start looking at jobs that I may enjoy more? 
  • Can I start investigating options out there I didn't know existed? 
  • Can I perhaps consider using my talents to start up a business that feels good? 
  • Can I use this time to strengthen my skills and add new ones? 
  • Can I consider other neighborhoods I never thought of?
  • Can I take a break or even more naps while I figure this all out?
tree sleep1.jpg

Interrupting the racing thoughts will give you a chance to forge a new path.

I'm hoping you can see where I'm going with this.  Our thinking does pave the way to where we are going.  Laying the 'groundwork' in fact.

Ultimately you and I can interrupt the momentum of those out of control thoughts that may pave the way to where we DO NOT want to go. 

Start now by simply looking at what is going right in the world around you and then start the process of looking forward to where you want to go next.