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It's 'Care & Fun' Season - Let's Stay Healthy

Since I am making a point of ignoring and NOT buying into the whole drama of 'that season' that is upon us (and I don't mean the holidays)...that they keep telling us (media and goodness knows pretty much anyone you talk to) I wanted to come up with something better.

I will say it only once for the sake of my NEW play on words lol but instead of Cold and Flu season, I'm calling it Care and Fun season. 

I am not a fan of giving attention to things, subjects or people that don't feel good.  I am VERY good at putting my blinders on and focusing on what I prefer to see.


Very simple outlook eh?  Well my take on it is we have a choice every single day - and frankly as I'm getting older I'm not wasting my time anymore on subjects 'out there' that are uncomfortable or unpleasant to dwell on.  Maybe hiding my head in the sand a bit...but frankly I don't care.

You CAN avoid the various seasonal 'stuff' - I know it for a fact.  And if you were to find yourself coming down with something all you have to do is STOP and take a few minutes for a bit of self talk and general upgrades 'naturally speaking' and you will happily notice that you are no longer reaching for the Kleenex!  Pretty awesome eh?

My friend Jess and I came up with an easy to implement Guide on how to do just that.  It's a little gift for you because I am wanting more and more people to start taking charge of their health and these tips are simple but effective ways to do that. 

Embrace Your Super Powers and Boost Immunity Naturally.

This is one way to take CARE during this season and the next part of that equation I mentioned above, is FUN!

Let's plan things like it's nobody's business.  Winter?  Cold out?  So what!  Please...two winters ago we had 7 feet of snow in 48 hours.  We still managed!!  We know how to make it fun even in a seeming crisis - as one of my friends would say.. "Don't get your knickers in a twist"  - It's all about mindset and attitude!

Here's a quick list to consider on those days you are just way over due for some fun!

  1. Indoor picnic - my mom actually did this with us on occasion, and we had a blast! Summer food in Winter
  2. Make Fudge - Ok I'm reliving my childhood but I LOVED making fudge AND even giving it as gifts
  3. Watch funny movies - I keep at least 10 funny or feel good movies close by at all times
  4. Read a book - Well I do this anyway cause reading for me is like going to an amusement park for some lol
  5. Get crafty - I may not be overly artistic but I do like to make things.  Often I'm pleasantly surprised!
  6. Much needed pampering!  A bath with candles, a manicure, foot rub or a facial - fun for you and your body!
  7. Plan a theme party with family/friends.  Pick something fun like an '80s theme -food, music and clothes!
  8. Dress warm and rent some snowshoes or cross country skis!
  9. Learn something new - a new recipe, beginner language, knitting, or some new techy skill on the computer
  10. Rearrange a room in your house.  I love doing this - and I often wonder why I didn't do it sooner

My point with all of this is find somewhere else to focus during this 'Care & Fun' season - focus on the healthy ways you can take care of your body as well as your mind.  Soon it will be Spring and you'll have sailed through healthier than ever. ☺