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Natural Remedies For Summer I Always Have On Hand

Summer is almost upon us!

And I for one could NOT be happier!  Finally - green grass, trees, birds and bees and flowers - the whole 9 yards.  Living in the North East US certainly makes me appreciate Spring and Summer and I never take it for granted.

As an Herbalist I always have access to some excellent products & remedies, either in my purse, car or at home.  I'd rather have them and never use them - but if I have to use them I'm confident in how well they work so it's a no brainer.

I wanted to share these simple yet effective natural remedies you can also use for yourself and family - you'll become the go-to person at family gatherings and outings and with good reason.  These things work! 

Aloe - Plant or quality product

Ok you might not be walking around with an aloe plant in your car, but if at home or vacationing you can find them!  There are quality aloe gel products out there so you can always keep something handy. The least amount of ingredients the better.  Aloe is known for it's soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, so extremely helpful for sunburn, burns, blisters and wound healing.  I apply liberally as needed

Apple Cider Vinegar  

EVERY house should have this on hand, I take this orally as well as have used on my skin.  Also helpful for sunburn, can help with rashes, repels bugs, helps with poison ivy and allergies.  I always use the Braggs brand, but use what you have.

Essential Oils

I ALWAYS have a few in my purse - Lavender is excellent for burns and bites, (and cold sores)  I also have little bottles made up as insect repellents - water and adding drops of eucalyptus, peppermint and cedarwood are excellent. (though if you only have one, use what you have) Peppermint is also excellent for stomach aches and bloating, I rub directly over my abdomen.  

Cayenne Pepper

Yes the red pepper in your spice rack - though a very mild form considering some HOT varieties out there...anything will do if emergency.  I keep some capsules and often a small 1oz liquid in my purse.  EXCELLENT for cuts and excessive bleeding - I have applied directly on the wound and watched the bleeding stop.  Also helpful for someone feeling faint taken internally (small pinch or 10 drops in juice or water) will revive most.

Of course I always keep band-aids on hand, most mom's do :)  but other than that it really doesn't take much to be prepared for those everyday events that can happen when we are out enjoying ourselves.

If you're like me,  I like to make quick work of anything uncomfortable and get back to enjoying myself.  Now you can too!


*Please note you should always contact your Doctor for any medical emergency or questions regarding your health.

Yes, There Are Natural Ways To Regulate Hormones

And you do not have to be fearful of them!

Having gone through various 'changes' with my own hormones the past 20 years, I probably take it a bit for granted that I manage quite nicely, compared to some women.

Has it been a totally smooth ride?  I wish!  lol - but I've never been overly uncomfortable.  And like anything as we get older - I've been adjusting and adapting. 

Some of what happens for many is simply not being aware of WHAT changes may come up - and not going into panic mode!  With Peri-Menopause/Menopause,  LOTS can manifest if you are not on top of some general areas you have control of. 

For instance - a few symptoms that may not be on your radar as possible hormone issues:

  1. Headaches
  2. UTI's
  3. Acne
  4. Insomnia
  5. Depression
  6. Sore/Tender Breasts
  7. Constipation
  8. Feeling Bloated/Digestion issues
  9. Aches/Joint Pain
  10. Thinning Hair

There are more but why depress ourselves, right? Especially if you can KEEP them from being an issue!

There's a chance you have no idea these are legitimate complaints if your hormones are fluctuating.  What can then happen is you or your Doctor may start treating the symptom, not realizing it's hormonal and 9 x out of 10, TEMPORARY.

Help your body with some of these natural ways you can regulate hormones:


All of the above areas are within your control!  Okay, so maybe you have to make some better or different choices - but isn't it worth it feeling in charge of your body? 

Too many variables come up when someone brings up 'Aging'  and if you let yourself go there, not always positive.  But darn it, I refuse to lower my standards because of some TV commercial or statistic that has nothing to do with me and MY choices, each and every day.

So start making choices NOW if you are doing pretty good hormonally.  Be one of those who claims...'Oh I breezed right through Peri-Menopause/Menopause - I hardly noticed and feel pretty darn good'.  You might get a few jealous looks or comments, but I bet you'll also get a few who ask you 'how did you manage it?' as well. ☺

I'm also happy to talk about herbs that have made a huge impact in my PMS-Menopause transition - saving that for another post!  But by all means feel free to ask in the comments below, or stop at my Facebook Page for more conversation! 

I'm ALWAYS happy to shed some light where it's needed!

Wanting Wellness Isn't Enough

It seems obvious - when you don't feel well, there's a part of you that naturally wants to be better!  You want to feel good.

Yet how many never get past that 'wanting' stage...feeling like they are in their own Groundhog Day movie?

Because it isn't enough.

In this world of Attraction and energy your simply 'wanting' to be well is usually more focused on the current situation - that's what you keep noticing, hence the ongoing 'wanting'.  So if that's where your attention is, that's where it stays.

Like a boomerang, the same outcome keeps coming to you.

Following up your intention is necessary for the next step - to milk the momentum of your desire, to give that 'want' real movement.  If you don't you'll start feeling discouraged, never seem to make progress not realizing your are keeping yourself stuck. 

Then what can happen?  Many just give up right there...'what's the point?' and your beliefs of 'not getting better' just seem to become reinforced-   'See?  I told you nothing will help me!'

Your expectations take a back seat until you decide to STOP focusing on where you are, (even if it's been a very long time) and start focusing on where you prefer to be. 

This gives your desire some juice - and you may even start seeing or feeling some evidence of feeling better, or reading about someone who found something to help them, that may help you.

Suddenly you don't feel quite so stuck and if you stay on that path, more positive answers come your way.

If you can't get past simply 'wanting' to feel better, your ongoing health issues are kind of like standing at the start of a race, waiting for the gun to go off.  Your 'wanting' to race got you to the starting line, but deciding to create a different picture of your health, is what starts the race and gets you out of the gate. 

The Universe needs more from you - more conviction, more confidence, more expectation.  

here's a great way you can start this process:

  • Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself:    WHY do I want to be well.  

Write down all the reasons you want to be well, how your life would be different, things you would do differently, things you would plan, try, eat etc.  Then go back and re-read it letting yourself FEEL how awesome it would be in these situations.  

This simple process helps your vibe start forming a different reality - actually pulling things towards you that support THIS feeling and thought process, instead of your tired, old stuck reality.

I'm going to suggest you do this every day...twice per day (re-reading your Why's) and really letting yourself conjure up the feelings that go with it. 

If you want to move past the 'wanting' and into the actual healing potential - you have to 'fan' the flames of this desire by milking it to get the momentum to build. 

I hope you found this helpful and by all means am always happy to hear your thoughts below, or feel free to stop by my Facebook page and say hi! 


But I've Tried Everything!


new fb(1).jpg

I don't mean this to sound cold or uncaring - far from it.

Yet I hear this often.  You've either said it yourself or heard others make this exact statement.  I'm sure I said it many years ago too.

If you are still dealing with a health issue right now,  as you are reading this - you have NOT tried everything.

There is still something 'out there' or should I say, 'in there' to help,  and a big part of it has to do with your mindset and beliefs regarding healing.

I don't have all the answers - but what I have come to know after many years of research and educating myself is that the body and it's seeming 'problems' are indicators of something that is OFF with our emotional/spiritual selves.  When you are open to that concept - and address it, suddenly answers start showing up as well as your confidence in getting better.  And improvements start.

Maybe you don't agree - that's fine.  But I've seen it time and time again. 

Folks that improve their mindset, their look on life in general AND their beliefs in how our body WANTS wellness - get results.

This may be some food for thought for some of you - but for those who agree with me, maybe it's time you really took a look at your outlook of life in general that has nothing 'obvious' to do with your health. 

  • Maybe a relationship brings you down
  • Or money problems weigh on you
  • Or you despise your annoying co-worker
  • Or your kids are moving out, now what?
  • Or getting older scares you

They may seem to have NOTHING to do with your IBS or Blood Pressure.  But they do.

If you have come to realize that there is more to improved health than popping a medication or an herb or yet another new diet program - then you are right.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below OR by all means stop by my Facebook page and start a conversation - that's what I'm here for! 


5 Ways To Enhance Your Practice For Beginner Yoga

Since I am just getting back to Yoga after an injury I invited my guest Hemali Lala to share some wonderful tips to help take us from 'talking about it' to actually doing it!  I am looking forward to the benefits!  Please enjoy her guidance and check out her links at the end of this article!

“Come to your mat to feel, not to accomplish.” Rachel Brathen, publicly known as Yoga Girl, said these incredibly profound words.

I began practicing yoga in my late teens, and back then, I absolutely came to my mat to accomplish, to mimic, to look like someone who is “calm” and also “very flexible.” This attitude got my body in several poses, yes. But, my heart never fully opened up. I kept all my emotions buried deep inside. And even though I could get into Crow Pose, or do an insanely aligned Downward Dog, I didn’t hold space within myself to face my true feelings, and find true freedom and gratitude within my body. Yoga is more than just 'moving' or exercise, it is a time to come to your mat to feel, not to accomplish.

Take these words to heart, and yoga will heal every part of you.

Listen To Yourself

The single most important aspect of any yoga practice. Your voice within is your guide, and it will lead your body to exactly where it needs to be. Follow that voice, and everything you do on your mat will heal you. This voice should speak louder than any yoga instructor, and any specifications regarding any pose you put your body into.

Come Back To The Breath

The breath has always been a focal point for yogic practices. It is the beginning of our practice, the middle, and the end (or, it should be)! It will help you relax deeply, and focus fully. Whenever thoughts dwell in your mind, don’t reject these thoughts. Instead, simply float your attention to your next inhale and exhale, and it will automatically divert your focus to the present moment. People often try to “not think,” when so often that is not the answer. Find the breath and thoughts will evaporate on their own.

Focus On The Feeling, Not The Pose

Yoga Instructors will lead you into a pose in the safest way they can.

However, since we all are beautifully unique, it may or may not align with your body or how you’re feeling that day. Set the intention to always adjust yourself based on how you feel. Whether you’re in an in person class, or watching a video on YouTube, allow their words to guide you safely, while simultaneously tuning within and listening to your voice within to guide you. Find your alignment, and go as deep into a pose as you feel comfortable. Once there, stay, breath, feel, and enjoy.  


Often times, I’ll go to a yoga class and no one speaks a word. Yoga is about you. If you need more information, or want guidance in certain areas, don’t be afraid to ask. This can be as simple as speaking to your instructor at a class, or googling a question in a search bar from your couch. Make sure you’re well informed, both for your safety and comfort level. And, NEVER be afraid to request not to be re-aligned by a an instructor. Too often I see new (and well seasoned) yogi’s letting instructors align them and then feeling uncomfortable afterwards. You know your body the best, and if you’re comfortable with your own alignment, make sure they know that!

Set An Intention

Get clear on why you want to practice yoga, and have it be from a place of love instead of fear.

You will know if it’s coming from a place of fear; you may hear thoughts like “my body is not in shape,” or “I wish I could do that pose.” Allow yourself to let go of fear based thoughts or judgement, and come from a place of love.

Once there, set a beautiful intention for your practice. Some examples include: to feel gratitude in your body, increase your strength, or release tension and relax. Whatever you want the outcome of your practice to be, say it to yourself and feel the magic unfold as you practice.

Yoga is about discovering what’s inside, so you can harmonize your mind and body.

Once you uncover and heal what’s inside, everything on the outside falls into place. As soon as I stop forcing myself into certain postures and techniques, my body notices and appreciates it and goes there on it’s own.

I hope you will use these steps to guide you through your practice, and find more joy in each moment of your journey. It may be time to ask yourself how these steps may impact you the most, and how are you planning to enhance or start your yoga practice?

                       Hemali Lala - seated pose

                       Hemali Lala - seated pose

Bio: Hemali Lala is a Registered Nurse who helps busy professionals find creative ways to eat healthy and relieve stress. Through her live stream videos, and private consultations, she is here to help you understand and achieve your potential to love and care for yourself on a deep level, nourish your body with nutritious foods and release stress from your mind and body. Hemali has a deep understanding of holistic health, stress relieving techniques, permanent weight loss and creative cooking. She utilizes her knowledge and experience to help people live a healthy lifestyle. Visit to find out more about her. And for a free goodie, visit to get her 5-min smoothie formula.


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Is It Time To Change Your Mind?

You tell me!

I am a big believer of what is possible.

Having been in Natural Health for over 20 years, part of my on-going education is to see what is working for others. 

And I've done A LOT of research - and one thing I do know...

Most of you have no idea of your power.

You may have a glimpse of it, but it's so fleeting that you write it off as lucky, or a coincidence.  I'm here to tell you, you're wrong.  Like that saying from The Wizard Of Oz, wearing her red shoes - 'Dorothy, you've had the power all along.'

But you don't need magic, red shoes.  You just need belief in yourself and a willingness to test out what lies in all of us. 

You've no doubt heard of 'others' who have overcome the same health condition you have.  You've even heard of others with worse issues than yours, ALSO overcome them.

So why are you still sitting in the same place you were 6 months or a year ago...or even longer??  WTH are you doing or not doing, that those people managed to pull off?

Some of them are very much aware of HOW they made the shift and how their health improved. And others might not quite grasp it, however they were so determined and hopeful, that it was all they needed to fuel the changes that needed changing.

Many may argue that telling someone they can be well, is offering false hope - but what is healing anyway?  I mean when we have a cold and sore throat we don't doubt our ability to heal...we hope it gets better soon and we pretty much expect I right?  So why would we not hope the same for what issue we are working on now?

Because it's not the norm?  Because you were told you'd have to 'live with it?' Because you've tried so many things and nothing is working? Because no one is giving you hope that it can be done?

It can be done - you CAN change your mind, anytime.

And I'm happy to be that person to tell you, in case no one has before today. 

It's a matter of stopping the crap you've been thinking and expecting for yourself and instead replacing it with NEW and improved thinking and your possible outcomes. 

Some of you may need a real overhaul, while some may just need reminders on a regular basis.  Regardless, it's time to get off the train of pain.  It's time to accept where you are as 'okay' instead of bitching and complaining to anyone and everyone!  it's also time to stop worrying and replaying thoughts and scenarios that do NOT FEEL GOOD.

YOU are the only one doing that to YOU.  No one else. 

Let It Go

Start releasing the old so you can welcome new ways of thinking!

Need to cry or yell or hole up in your room watching Netflix for a day?  Go for it...feeling powerless does not serve you, so do what you have to do to move up to at least feeling 'discouraged'  - Hey it's better than that hopeless, 'poor me and my life' drum you've been beating for ages I right?  


When you move forward your circumstances will start to match the improvements. You'll have a 'better' day, or you'll read something that sounds like a possible opportunity, or you'll talk to someone who has some answers or connections for you.

You can stop the train of pain         

Decide today that you will stop the 'insanity' of that worn out thinking that is keeping progress and possibilities from you - others did it and are doing it.  You can too!


Still Under The Weather? Natural Remedy For When You've Tried Everything!

It's March!  Wow, never so glad to see a new month arrive.  It means Spring is not far behind.

That doesn't always mean that colds and flu's are gone- not quite yet.  I see and hear many who are still hacking or sniffing away - a bug that just doesn't want to leave completely.

I just wanted to share a quick remedy you can make at home.  I still have some in my fridge and I've dipped into in only once or this year thankfully and that was just for a day or two to keep something from manifesting.

This is an old remedy - people who know me, know this remedy as I dust it off every winter lol - but hey if it works?  Right? ☺

My gift to you is this quick 6 ingredient recipe and instructions.  Ideally you want to let it sit for a week or two, but if you are not feeling great, you can start using it right away!

All found at your grocery store!

Here's to keeping that bug away, or if feeling lousy, a way to get rid of it sooner!