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Kind Words From Clients...

"Katy has been a very, very positive force in my life and I have been very healthy since knowing her. 

I have been with Katy for many years and found her advice to be spot on for any condition or concern I have had. She has always recommended herbal supplements that have worked very well and have made me a healthier person since taking them. I have also given the her name to many of my friends because her advice has worked so well for me.

I started taking Katy's suggested herbal supplements and found them to be exactly what I needed each time. I never had any colds or flu even though I taught Kindergarten and Pre-K in the City schools for the last 20 years. Even with students coughing, sneezing and having fevers I never was sick. I know it was because of Katy and her advice. Many times I called her to ask about a specific problem and again her advice led to my feeling better.

My iron was low and she suggested taking Black Strap Molasses and because of that my iron level  went up and I was once again able to donate blood. I have used the herbs for regularity and have seen great results from that. I have even suggested them to several friends one who had gone through chemo and I thought it would help get all the "bad" stuff out of her and it did help.

I had the great fortune of attending two of Katy's lectures and they were outstanding. I have friends that keep asking me when she will have another one as they were also very impressed. I especially liked all the different women that she brought together and all the different healing arts they embodied. I was given a Reiki treatment, had an angel reading, a financial reading and Katy's Iris reading.  All the information I have used many times over and speak of the lectures many times to my friends .

I really enjoy Katy's blog and ongoing information and look forward to reading and gleaning information from them. I am especially interested her mind body input and know it has merit with healing.   I have read many books on this and appreciate having Katy to "bounce things off" .

Needless to say, Katy has been a very, very positive force in my life!"   ~ Pat Ruof, Buffalo NY

"I LOVED your summary and have been singing your praises to tell you the truth since we spoke . I have been taking what you recommended along with my normal supplements and  I have started to notice a HUGE shift already.

I have more energy, I am less foggy, I am more focused, I am not as sleepy....I feel more calm (that was a big one), I am not experiencing the pins and needles in my hands and feet or throughout my body, I feel generally a bit more happy (not AS moody)......and more.

Even my hair looks friends have mentioned it, my skin looks better.....I am VERY excited to keep on with the products/recommendations and continue to feel better.

The magnesium is helping me sleep better.....To be honest,  I have really been amazed by the adrenal stuff most of all. I have been reading up on it, and never realized how much that affects your body and HOW MANY of those symptoms were ones I was experiencing.

Thanks love!! I am def noticing improvements and I am sooooo grateful for connecting with you. I was telling a friend of mine how important I feel this stuff is now....after seeing just a little under a week of changing some things up and seeing soo much of a difference. I had changed my food stuff....exercise routines....etc...and nothing was working. I was still feeling the same way daily. I feel like all of these things work in conjunction with each other....and you really need someone to HELP you see the other parts of it that you might what you did for me. :) Thank you....really!!

~Tiffany Lange, Portland OR