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Positive change starts one step at a time...

Positive change starts one step at a time...

How Do We Work Together?

My hope for you is about creating lasting change.  Though I would love to offer packages that describes my approach, I believe that every person is UNIQUE and has many individual differences that need to be accounted for.  Because of my philosophy, I will promise you that when we have our initial consult chat, I will use my expertise and intuition to share your customized plan for our work together.  

You feel you are living a LIMITED EXISTENCE. 

You are tired.  You want to make a change.  And I will teach and guide you on how to best approach these shifts.  I help you imagine that change, and put it into practice together. 

Our goal for working together is to have an approach in place that you are literally feeling and seeing a difference in how you feel and are enjoying your everyday life. Confidence in your body's ability to heal is part of this process.  Understanding your body's natural cues, knowing how to navigate them (versus judging or getting anxious about them-yes mindset matters), and being PROACTIVE in knowing you ALWAYS have tools to utilize to get back on track when you need it.  

My job is to help you feel secure in understanding your body and help you increase your knowledge that you ARE able to navigate future struggles.  This keeps you HOPEFUL and OPTIMISTIC about where you are at and where you can go!





 OPtion 1: I'm ready to choose wellness!


This 1 on 1 session can be for those who seriously need to start making some changes - YESTERDAY.

You will have a 60 minute call, or session with me, after finishing a health & lifestyle history.  We will discuss any current issue that you are wanting help with and go over your answers.

If you have multiple issues or concerns I tend to only pick the top 1 or 2 - so as to be able to pin point a program that will bring results but not overwhelm with too many changes at once.  I have found that when initiating change, results trickle down into ALL areas as we move forward. We will discuss your goals, symptom management possibly using herbs and supplements, diet AND I will also address MINDSET tweaking that usually needs help.  Happily, attention to Mindset always speeds up results!  After the call you will receive an email summary within 48hours and have email access to me as well as a second email if needed to answer any questions or for any tweaking to your program.  If more clarity is needed after this we can either apply the $75 towards the 3pack below, or simply add another single session.    Cost:  $75

OPTION 2 - 3 PACK - replacing old patterns & making new ones stick!

  • You're at a cross roads or just plain “stuck.”
  • You need accountability in order to make positive changes in mindset, habits and patterns.
  • You are ready to take responsibility and appreciate the guidance using herbs/supplements and a little 'tough love' approach necessary to do so. 

This Package Includes 3 Sessions

First call/session 60 minutes includes lifestyle & health history and email summary

Second and Third calls/sessions 30 minutes - Helping to keep you accountable to your goals, discuss anything that may be coming up emotionally or physically while 'change' is happening.  We will continue to identify old patterns, and replace them with improved 'stories' and choices. Gaining confidence is KEY so you always have the tools and faith to handle whatever comes your way.  Short summary email included with each session and email access to me during this time.  Cost:  $250

ANYTIME OPTION!  Email Coaching - Because I KNOW You're Busy!

I personally love having email coaching as an option when I need to reach out to someone.  I tend to lean towards 'introvert' in my personality..though I consider myself a 'social introvert' lol.  I do like people, I just like them better on my terms sometimes!  lol!!  Hey..honesty, here!

It's kind of nice having the option of convenience, especially when it comes to time.  My time/schedule is not like everyone elses.  I'm up at 4:30 am for pete's sake and in bed early various nights of the knowing I can email my 'stuff' and read responses when it's comfortable for me is such a wonderful option!  I look forward to it.  I love that I can really 'take in' what I'm reading and go back to it as necessary.  You might feel that way too!  

I know for me I can gain quite a bit of insight into my issues as I journal or write them out.  This might help you pinpoint areas you may not have considered when looking for guidance.


  • After your payment you will receive your first email from me- a questionnaire and some more detailed questions to get things going.  You just have to hit reply and we go from there!   It will take me no longer than 72 hrs to get back to you - it's usually sooner but I like to have that buffer so I can come back to my answers to see what I may want to add!  Expect quite a bit of detail - very specific to you and your concerns!
  • Then after you take in my initial summary, if any questions just ask - I am happy to send a short email to answer any concerns! 
  • If after this you feel you want to go a bit more in depth still, or something else has come up.  We can schedule a new session.

Email Consultation:  $45

Option 3 - Your limited Mindset has you feeling more discouraged than hopeful - the hell with that- you need a:


There's being 'alone with your thoughts' and then there's being 'alone.'   Can be a big difference when you have changes you are trying to make happen and not sure how to do it...especially on your own.  You may have good intentions and lots of stops and starts, especially when there is SO MUCH information. 

My mindset offering is a wonderful way to jump-start a new approach that you can stick to and feel good about.

So much of what we do, see, hear and act upon, is caught up in our mindset. It's not always easy to re-vamp old ingrained habits of thinking without first looking what we have been doing till now. 

You and I hit the floor running with a 30 minute call -think of it like when you come home and 'smell' something not so nice...ewww.....and realize the trash needs taking out - NOW.  All too often our stinkin thinkin needs 'taking out' as well!  It's been coming between you and your longing for improvement long enough!  After our call within 48 hours I will email you your NEW MINDSET Protocol so you can start feeling 'calmer, confident and in control' - Talk about good health in the making!!

I will help you incorporate easy to use techniques EVERY DAY that WILL improve your daily mindset and give you renewed confidence, that 'yeah, I got this' feeling that takes your healing to another level!  It doesn't have to be hard!!!  Honest! :)   -  Cost $55


For any other questions or to simply see how you'd like to start, click below to schedule a free chat!

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