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Replacing Old Patterns & Making New Ones Stick

Mindset Reset

Master Herbalist

I found out....Living a 'healthier life" isn't always as easy

as the articles portray. 

Most of us are plowing through our every day - whatever that obligations, bills to pay, groceries to buy...again (wasn't I just there yesterday?), work or business - kiddo's activities,  taking care of dad.


Wanting to have a healthier body is one thing - Making changes with 'life' going on around us is another.

I'm here to help you find ways to do that - regardless of your life and what it looks like.  It doesn't have to be perfect - you don't have to be vegan or fast or do yoga if you don't want to.  I may suggest something for you to consider, but ultimately it's up to you. 

However - IF you want improvements, there will be some areas of compromise.  Remember, I know this stuff, I've found ways that work for me that may not have worked for others. Sometimes I had to find MY own way.  But even I had to compromise.  So that may look like:

  • Considering different eating plans
  • Having de-stressing protocols in place that eventually become 'must-haves' in your daily life.
  • Trying herbs or vitamins that support your body for your situation
  • Being accountable to help make any changes stick.

But who am I to talk?


How does a divorced, single mom 'with issues',  working full time (& sometimes 2 jobs) who had IBSD and Anxiety for years, go on to become a Master Herbalist, Iridologist and Mindset Mentor?   Good question!



I had an inner belief that life 'had to be better than this" that never went away.

Thankfully for me,  after yet another depressing doctors appointment about my IBS and Anxiety, my dad encouraged me to investigate natural medicine.  "I don't know much about it, but it's worth trying" he said.  This is after 7 years of dealing with the craziness and limited 'life' I had been living.

And guess what?

I was 95% better within a year.  How did I do it?  With herbs and a realization of how my thoughts DO create, and yes, LOTS of hits and misses - and not taking score too soon. 

My dad gave me hope which gave me confidence that it was even possible.  

That's all you need to start out. I can help you with that, and more.  Knowing the steps to take will help you move forward quickly.

I'm here to help women like you to KNOW that life really doesn't have to be SO HARD. 

Our bodies systems and health in general are kind of like trying to learn how to ride a bike or learn how to speak French. Some tasks take 'balancing' in order to move forward and other tasks just some new habits or practice. AND... this is important...belief that it's going to get better.  I mean you KNOW you will soon be riding that bike, right? And you KNOW soon you'll be asking where the bathroom is in French if you keep at it.  ("Ou se trouvent les toilettes?") :)

So why do so many women question as to whether they can improve or regain their health?

Because someone told you you couldn't?

Or quoted statics to you?  

Or lots of your friends are dealing with problems and all you hear are their unfortunate stories?


The only story YOU want to care about is yours and the one you tell every, single, day. And I'm guessing if you are here reading this, it's time for a re-write.


Because somewhere along the way you lost your confidence in your body and yourself. Unfortunately society and our media help add to our issues with confidence. Time to start turning a blind eye to that 'noise' and instead turn towards the possibilities instead.

Natural therapies - the secret in your back pocket

Natural therapies have helped me heal IBS, Anxiety, and opened me up to a feeling of unlimited possibilities. 

Our bodies are born to thrive and adapt, your role is to stop putting up roadblocks along the way

I make having a healthy body easier by providing the action plan you need to make change happen. I've worked through my own issues while helping others like you.  PLUS I've done years of research so you don't have to!