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Do you find yourself saying 'NO' to a lot of things?  NO to an invite for dinner, NO to a weekend road trip, NO to a 4 week evening class you had been interested in?

Some issue you've been dealing with is interrupting your life, or at least you feel like it is and are afraid to commit to something in the future. 

You have been dealing with this 'issue' for awhile and you are at your wits end with trying to figure out how to improve your situation.  I mean you've tried so many things and still feel you are limited in how much better you can get. 

You are dealing with a real concern - it's not imaginary, so I KNOW it appears that 'this is the way it is'.  But I know otherwise.  I know you haven't tried EVERYTHING even if society tells you you are out of options.  That is never the case.

You are YOU and no one can speak for your path,  but you!

So that means there really isn't anything to be afraid of when we desire change from health issues - yet I do know sometimes it's just the 'thought' of contemplating something different, or doing things differently can hold us up.  And desiring change is a huge step in taking back what's always been yours.  

Knowing WHAT steps to take is where I come in

You're getting older...we all are and you may be at a point where you are not loving life where you are with your body and health right've even become somewhat 'used to it,' and it's familiar. 

Many years with the same I right?

You've dabbled in natural health and may have even felt progress in the improvements you desire - but lasting results elude you.

It may have been a while since you've even let yourself imagine what it would be like to wake up feeling GOOD. 

Going about your day just doing your thing, making plans,  not 'worrying' about how you're feeling and how it may interfere with what you have to do, or where you want go, because of your health.  

you walk around NOT feeling like yourself for so long,

you start to believe this is as good as it gets.

I've been there, I get it.  It's like living half an existence, like being Melvin in the movie, As Good As It Gets...when he's leaving his Psychiatrists office and stops in the waiting room to say to the other patients..."What if this is as good as it gets?"

Melvin decided he wanted better.  (ok if you haven't watched the movie, now you HAVE to - it's a feel good movie!)

I want you to ask yourself - IS this as good as it gets for me?  If the answer for you is NO, then we should talk! 

Why?  Because:

  • That part of you just KNOWS you can be more and feel better - you see others enjoying life, why not you??
  • That your every day doesn't have to seem like a chore to get through
  • That you can plan your day and your life around what you want to do- NOT lowering your expectations or desires because you're not sure what you'll be able to manage that day

I believe we are here to do more than just EXIST-  We are here to THRIVE! 

Please know you have to be READY to move forward - it's the only way I can work with you as I'm already "THERE", meaning I know it's possible.  You have to meet me halfway with your desire for wellness and be ready and excited for it to happen.

Let's do this!

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